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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 15:18

Air Support Group [TALON]

Talon supports RG’s core infantry element Gambler with both air and highly mobile ground assets. Talon Air utilises a variety of standard and modified airframes to provide transport, logistics and close air support. Talon Ground acts as a quick reaction team and is deployed to assist Gambler as medics, reconnaissance and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs). Its members also double as crew members for helicopters fielded by the Air squadron.

The air squadron consists mainly of non-commissioned officers who are given an honorary rank. After an initial test, air cadets receive training both in rotary and fixed-wing flight. After finishing their training they become Flight Sergeants and slowly begin to gain additional responsibilities and progress through the warrant officer ranks. You should have a passion for flying in ARMA and be willing to spend substantial time honing your skills. However, you do not need to be an experienced pilot already.

The Ground squadron is a highly flexible unit, and similar flexibility would be expected from new members. While mainly a ground force members receive basic flight training to complement their infantry training and allow them to direct air strikes, coordinate supply drops and keep Gambler advised of the air squadron's activities. During missions you could be a JTAC, supplement the medic capabilities of regular infantry, or run with Vegas. As a candidate you should have an idea of what’s going on around you in the battle-space and be able to find your way on the map.

Talon is the smallest of the three combat arms in the Task Force by deployed assets, but its fleet of airframes is able to deliver hard-hitting ordnance during key stages of a battle and use mobility to leverage small-unit tactics. 

Rank structure of Talon

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