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Written by Andrews   
Thursday, 04 July 2013 14:03



Every course at RG will fall into a category of training. Simple basic courses can be completed within a week, but more advanced courses may be spread over multiple weeks (no more than 4).

A member must complete all elements of the course to progress. Every course will have a test attached to the end. Participation alone is not enough, members must demonstrate their skill in what they have learnt. Rewards will be attached to each course upon successful completion of the test. Where appropriate the reward may fall into different levels of classification. Some courses will result in promotion, or eligibility for promotion.

Basic courses will have no pre-requisites. Advanced courses will require you to have completed earlier courses, or to have attained other things such as a certain rank. In this way members can see a development path as they practice to pass tests and have new things uniquely open to them that others are not eligible for as a reward.

You will learn advanced weapons systems and qualify at Camp Reality



handbook rg

With Milsim becoming more and more popular online, we have developed avenues or options to learn and utilise your skills in an mature Milsim Enviroment. The staff at Reality Gaming invest time and resources into training you to be an online soldier, so that you as an individual are given the direction you need.

The PDT (Personal Development Training) was established to provide training and guidance within a structured enviroment for enlisted soldiers. Our Professional staff have a varied background from established long term Milsim Airsofters, to Military and Law Enforcement officers.

Our qualified Instructors are here to help you improve your game


Courses are conducted at an "At your own pace" Online, through course material, forum interaction with the instructor, and field exercises. 

Every course presented by RG Tactical Training is full of current information pertaining to the ARMA series.

Registration is now open to take Tactical Training Courses, and the RG instructors will be hosting Courses every week.


A Full list of Courses can be found here.

Instructors will help you get the training you need


RG Task Force Training

This occurs every Wednesday at 7pm UK time


The training is for actions at a platoon wide level so participation is mandatory and you need to post an LOA if you cannot attend
because we need everyone on in order to build chemistry.



Specialist Training and Awards up for grabs

rg para


The nature of this training is built around what we will be doing on the Sunday mission, such as air assaults, amphibious
training, setting up harbour points, convoy training and anything else we can think of that requires co-ordination!

Training will go on for around 60 to 90 minutes, after which we will play a mission to embed what we have learnt.

Development Training

This occurs every Thursday from 7pm UK time. This is focused around individuals that want to improve themselves in a
certain area. Courses will be posted by trainers in the RG calendar and participants wishing to take the course will have to
sign up.

The types of courses that we run are weapons training, specialist training, gear training, leadership training, and much

All other events

Everything else is set up by the individuals leading those groups. It is very important that you make as many of these other events
as possible in order to build a sense of cohesion and community – and to have a lot of fun too!

 Example of Camp Reality Range

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