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Written by Stronkie   
Thursday, 23 May 2013 17:30

kitWe have released a new version of the RG Mod Pack. This is a required download for all enlisted members and will be used in all future RG operations and Training. Get your kit: here.



ARMA3 Addon Pack (0.2 Alpha)





The staff at RG have been hard at work selecting new weapon systems and loadouts (including skins) for use within the Reality Gaming Task Force. These new armaments will provide 1st Riles Platoon with increased fire power while helping identify friend from foe. Vegas will also have a selection sophisticated weaponry allowing the unit to specialise in several roles.


What does the RG pack 0.2 Alpha add to ARMA 3 Alpha?

  • Features:
    - New Weapons for all squads
    - Advanced weapons for SFOD
    - US (NA) Skins for 2nd Squad
    - AUS (EU) Skins for 1st Squad
    - Kill Houses
    - Range Targets
    - Various re-skins 
    - Additional HWS support
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