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Written by Chewie   
Friday, 12 April 2013 07:46


RCT [Recruit Combat Training] Overview

October 2007 - US Army Recruits - 1.preview


1. Basic Combat Skills - 1 Full Hour REQUIRED [BCS]

-Basic Combat Agility Training ( Introduction to Movement in arma 3, Basic obstacle course)
-Weapon Familiarization
-Weapon Safety (Muzzle Awareness,Trigger discipline)
-Target Range (Explain CCO and RCO Optics, Demonstrate how to manually adjust the range on iron sights and M203 launcher.)
-Grenade Training (M203,Hand)
-Formation Overview
-The Contact Call

2. Basic Radio Training - 45 Minutes REQUIRED [BRT]

-Introduction To Acre (What does Acre do, how to equip radios from ammo box)
-Radio Familiarization (Explain ACRE Controls/Go over all Major ACRE RADIOS and Explain how to program them)
-Basic Military Communications (Go over commonly used acronyms and prowords, go over proper radio etiquette and procedure.)
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