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Operation Dagger (Completed March 2012) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Andrews   
Saturday, 03 March 2012 00:00


By Andrews

Operation Dagger is a mission tweaked and re-designed by RG Andrews. It is made to work and demonstrate the RG pack. It contains some test roles (talon/sog) and features the SOAR helo's. Heavy support UH60 and Ranger/SEAL skins. The objective of this Operation is to co-ordinate Rover into an over watch possition while sweeping the AO of hostile troops. 

Air support will be required as resistance from insurgents will be fierce. Fire fights and CAS will be in close proximity to the local villages. Kill the rebel officer, Destroy the drugs and weapons while avoiding civilian casualties.


Intel recovered from a 1st Rifles raid in Zagrabad has revealed details of an arms for opium deal between a renegade Taki UN officer and an Al Qeada cell based in the Chaman region of Takistan. RG teams are to be inserted into the area and are to take out the renegade officer and intercept and destroy both the opium and weaponry consignments. 
Reality Gaming Rangers in Afghanistan March 2012
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Intel report

The corrupt Taki officer is believed to be in the Chaman district to oversee the transaction, and is intending to use official UN vehicles to deliver the weapons and then smuggle the narcotics across the border and onward to the shores of Europe and the United states.

We can assume the Taki officer and his men wont be best pleased to see us, take no chances!
This is a kill mission. Time is of the essence gentlemen, the deal is taking place as we speak.
Find the vehicles! hopefully these will lead to the dope and the weapons."


An 10 man fighting patrol (GAMBLER) will be inserted by blackhawk with 2 x SOVs for mobility, each SOV is equipped with extra ammunition and a selection of secondary weapons.

Locate and destroy all objectives before using the vehicles to return to FOB Deadwood, should the patrol vehicles be destroyed an emergency helicopter extraction point has been pre-arranged.

Amongst the fighting patrol are two specialist units

Field medic:

Has the ability to deploy a mobile spawn point, also although all units can revive and have one self heal option after that is used you will need medical assistance from the medic after being revived.


Has the ability to deal with enemy IED s and to carry out repairs to vehicles in the field.



1st Rifle Rangers - GAMBLER (10 man 2 x 5 man Fire Team)
Special Operations SEAL Group - ROVER (3 Man recon/sniper team)
Army Air Corps - TALON (2 x Pilots - A-10 and Apache Support)
Task Force HQ - Highroller (2 x Officers, FAC and Air Recon)


Civilian Interaction Module (All civilians can be detained and extracted by squad leaders and HQ)
Emergency Extraction by A.I chopper
Radio messages in game
Civilian death counter (more than 10 dead civilians ends mission) Use air wisely
Engineers and Medics (mobile spawns)
RV points for capture (spawn locations)
3 Main Objectives
Enemy will enter houses and suppress you and your unit!
RH Weapon Pack (available for all units)
Debriefing area
Revive (5 lives)

Video of GAMBLER Operations - By Buddhabang

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