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Written by Andrews   
Sunday, 24 March 2013 17:48





Rifleman (RM)
Carries a long barrel weapon and can be used in a variety of situations, carries ammunition due to light weight and can move quickly. Excellent at engaging other infantry and a generally good marksman.

Grenadier (GRN)
Carries a long barrel rifle with a separate or under-slung grenade launcher capable of firing HE, smoke and flares. The Grenadier is very useful for calling in CAS and organizing troops to regroup or move orders. Therefore the Grenadier requires slightly more battlefield knowledge due to their role and extremely dangerous weapon if not used correctly.

Automatic Rifleman (AR)
Carries a squad automatic rifle capable of extended fully automatic fire used generally for suppression capabilities. Automatic Riflemen carry extra amounts of heavy ammunition including tracer rounds and are therefore less agile than most other soldiers. Automatic Riflemen are used to pin down OPFOR positions with sustained fire and are able to offer some of the most powerful firepower a squad can offer. (AR carry LMGs mostly using 5.56mm ammunition and weighing no more than 7kg.)

Support Gunner (SPG)
Support Gunners carry a heavier weapon to the Automatic Rifleman than generally uses a larger ammunition and can offer more deadly and accurate firepower. Support Gunners' main role is to eliminate light targets threatening friendly forces that are advancing. Support Gunners also use larger M145 optic sights and bi-pods allowing them to deliver heavy fire onto a spotted target, the main difference between support gunners and Automatic Riflemen is that SPGs are used to eliminate targets rather than suppress them due to their smaller magazine and heavier ammunition. 

Designated Marksmen (DM)
Designated Marksmen are picked from only expert marksmen and carry a Designated Marksman Rifle capable of engaging targets from distant locations. DMRs use high optic scopes and large 303 or 307/Lapua rounds capable of killing a target with one hit to the main body mass. DMRs are usually semi-automatic and therefore the Designated Marksman is slightly more malleable in the squad situation. (Please note that the DM spot is very difficult to successfully use properly and therefore is difficult but not impossible to use within a squad.)

Light Anti-Tank Gunner (LAT)
Light Anti-Tank Gunners use small disposable Anti-Tank devices to engage light armor. These soldiers are still quite agile and can also act as the important rifleman role in the squad. The weaponry used by LATs includes: AT4, LAW, LLAW and the AT4CS. LATs also use a long rifle/carbine.

Heavy Anti-Tank Gunner (HAT)
Heavy Anti-Tank Gunners use re-loadable Anti-Tank weapons that offer heavier firepower than the AT4 brand of weapons. Launchers such as the Gustav launcher and SMAW are used and are capable of destroying heavily armored vehicles such as Tanks and IFVs. HATs also carry a long rifle and are less agile to most soldiers due to their heavy Anti-Tank Weapons.

Javelin Operator (JAV)
Javelin Operators use the powerful Javelin Launcher to engage and destroy armored targets in a variety of ways from long or short distances. The Javelin uses an on-board computer to calculate the launcher's path, this almost always means a hit when uses properly. The firepower of the Javelin is unmatched and can destroy all armored vehicles with one shot, however the Javelin's tube is disposable so operators may have to carry more tubes in vehicles or with squad mates. The Operator requires a competent knowledge of when and how to use the Javelin effectively. The Operator also carries a carbine/rifle and is not agile.

Leadership (Fireteam leaders/Squad Leaders)
FTLs And SLs carry basic rifles along with a long range radio and are in-charge of organizing infantry operations on a small level. Intelligence, leadership and patience are required for leadership roles. Currently the fireteam leader spot is one that is needed to be filled; you are all being scouted for the ability as we speak. Please post below if this is something you are interested in. (Officers an command roles are given ONLY to experience members with a leadership role, so if command is a role you would like to take this is highly recommended.


Transport pilot (TP)
Transport Pilots are skilled pilots capable of flying large aircraft to move important equipment/troops around the battlefield. These pilots hold a large logistic influence in the field and are in high demand. TPs fly aircraft such as SeaHawks, BlackHawks, Chinooks and C130s in the battlefield, however these aircraft are lightly armored and large amounts of skill is required to keep the aircraft intact.

CAS Rotary Pilots (CRP)
Close Air Support Rotary Pilots use Attack and Scout helicopters to launch attacks on hostile forces. They fly the Apache Longbow attack helicopter and use a variety of state of the art weapons to engage targets. CRPs are used only at the decission of the infantry commanders and therefore work closely with ground forces, a sharp eye and quick reactions are needed for CRPs.

CAS Fixed Wing Pilots (CFWP)
Fixed wing pilots fly aircraft such as the A-10 or Harrier, these pilots are used more so to engage strong points due to their higher speeds. Dogfights have been known to occur with CFWPs and Anti-Air abilities are required for fixed wing fighter pilots. Careful landing abilities are also required as fixed wing aircraft are the most expensive assets available to RG.


Heavy Armor Driver (HAD)
Heavy armor drivers are used to coordinate large armored vehicles around the battlefield into firing positions. Currently only Excalibur's Paladins/IFVs are used in RG but if interest rises more divisions could be created.

Heavy Armor Gunner (HAG)
Heavy Armor Gunners use large and explosive round fired from a vehicle platform to engage targets. Currently only Excalibur is offering firing platforms which are mostly in the form of mobile artillery.


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