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Written by Andrews   
Sunday, 24 March 2013 17:03


Taskforce Structure


Task Force Command [HIGHROLLER] 

TFC Supports the Task Force by mission planning, supporting, scheduling and conducting training and exercises of assigned forces and providing combat-ready military forces to support Service missions and global requirements. This group is made up of 3 staff TFCO, TFXO, RSM.

The TF commander is responsible for everything his unit does or fails to do. He cannot delegate this responsibility. The commander is responsible to both his superiors and his subordinates. He increases the effectiveness of the organization by delegating to his subordinates the authority to accomplish their missions, holding subordinates responsible for their actions, and fostering a climate of mutual trust, cooperation, and teamwork. He organizes his force based on the mission of the higher headquarters and a thorough understanding of his mission, enemy, terrain (and weather), troops and support available, time available, and civil considerations (METT-TC).

The Task Force Executive Office (2ic) - XO is the principal assistant to the TF commander. As the second in command, the XO must be ready to assume command immediately if the commander becomes a casualty. The XO transmits the commander's intent for the TF. His two main responsibilities are to direct the efforts of the TF staff and to sustain the TF.

Command Sergeant Major. The CSM is the senior noncommissioned officer (NCO) in the TF. He focuses on soldier welfare and individual training and on how well the TF carries out the commander's decisions and policies. The CSM can act as the commander's representative in supervising aspects vital to an operation, as determined by the commander. For example, he can help control movement through a breach in a critical obstacle or at a river crossing, or he can help coordinate a passage of lines or quarter assembly areas. He also plays a key role in the CSS effort as the CSS troubleshooter for the TF.


* Plan, schedule, support and conduct the training, exercising and operations
Organise and prepare assigned forces to execute service and combatant missions
Exercise Force Protection of units in the afloat operating environment


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