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Written by Andrews   
Sunday, 24 March 2013 16:58

Reality Gaming Classification of Information

In order to maintain a high standard of information security and realism within Reality Gaming, Taskforce HQ has adapted a version of the worldwide classification of government material to label certain types of information and indicate to whom they can be distributed.

The classifications listed below aim to enhance the milsim aspect of RG and maintain secrecy with factors that could affect realism such as ops plans, missions and campaigns. 


Information under the RESTRICTED classification is defined as material which would potentially compromise RG’s operations if made publicly available. This includes specific timings of events, channel and server passwords, the roster and unit SOPs.
All information on the forums which is accessible to RG members only automatically falls into the RESTRICTED bracket whether marked as so or not.
Any RG member whose application has been accepted and holds the rank of recruit automatically holds security clearance up to RESTRICTED level.


CONFIDENTIAL information is defined as material which if released would potentially ruin the realism/fun/surprise of other RG members for in-game events. Examples include drafts of mission briefs, ORBATs for ops and unpublished graphics intended for PR/marketing purposes. It also includes minor to moderate disciplinary procedures towards an RG member.
CONFIDENTIAL, in essence, is a synonym for ‘need to know’ information.


Information classified as SECRET concerns the operational side of RG. Prior to a mission being undertaken all related information is classified as SECRET This includes mission briefings and related operational intelligence. Minor restructuring, unpublished promotions and organisation-based discussion are all classified as SECRET by default. SOG affairs are typically classified as SECRET unless otherwise specified.
Members of HQ 'Highroller' and SOG are automatically cleared to SECRET level on resuming their post and promptly have their clearance revoked on leaving to ensure information security.


TOP SECRET information is material which would be extremely damaging to RG if leaked, published or otherwise made available to the public. This includes major restructuring, campaign plans and major disciplinary procedures. Information classified as TOP SECRET is usually ‘for your eyes only’ and generally shared only via forum PM or in a passworded Teamspeak channel so as to avoid interception.


Once the need for secrecy has expired information may become 'declassified' and thus available to everyone on request. However, in the interest of security certain details may remain redacted such as names, places and objectives. 

Commanders are asked to consult HQ if they have any questions regarding classification


Major Andrews
Officer Commanding, RG Taskforce

Scribed by:
Private Valravn
Military Intelligence Analyst, Taskforce HQ.
Last Updated on Sunday, 09 June 2013 01:05