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Infantry platoon structure

Size and composition

The RG Platoon is based off of a standard US Marine Corps rifle platoon, with some minor differences. Weighing in at 32 players when fully fleshed out, the platoon consists of 5 main elements - the platoon headquarters (also known as the 'command element') and four fireteams, Arrow, Blade, Cutlass and Dagger. Each fireteam contains 5 players plus their fireteam leader and two reserve members. The main difference between the RG Platoon and a USMC platoon is the addition of corpsmen at the platoon level, giving us a total of two medics in the platoon. In addition to the fireteams Gambler deploys during operations we also deploy four specialised detachments, these detachments have a specific roles during operations: Recon, Mortar, Heavy Machine Gun and Heavy Anti-Tank.

Riflemen are expected to think for themselves and to be swift and bold in rising to any challenge. This is encapsulated in the ideal of the thinking, fighting man who aspires to serve our Task Force at the forefront of our military.

Individually Riflemen are:

- Swift and independent of thought and action
- Bold
- Self reliant, self disciplined and self improving
- Skilled at arms and fieldcraft
- Part of the team and family - we look after each other
- forward thinking

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1st Rifles Infantry Platoon [GAMBLER] 

Our Infantry Platoon is tasked with identifying and destroying the enemy and is responsible for all conventional infantry operations, they are capable of attacking and defending and are Heavy Weapons Capable (HWC). The Platoon is broken down into 5 groups: Platoon Command, and fireteams Arrow, Blade, Cutlass and Dagger.

Platoon Command consists of the CO and his Sergeant (XO) who command the Platoon during operations, attached to command are two Platoon Medics. The 4 sections are the main body of the Platoon, each being led by a Section Leader and a 2ic, allowing for swift command and control within the Platoon. The Platoon Command Sergeant is responsible for all training of recruits and acts in a liaising role between Platoon Command and the sections.

The Platoon Command Sergeant is responsible for all training of recruits and acts in a liaising role between Platoon Command and the sections.

SPEAR [RECON] Scout Group:

This team is our platoons eyes and ears, they are deployed on forward operations and usually work in pairs, they are essentially very quiet and choose the right time to strike and then move out of the location quickly.

Teams are usually a sniper/spotter team which observe and coordinate attacks on enemy forces, whereas SoG [VEGAS] teams work in larger groups of four and are dropped behind enemy lines or onto important targets and then eliminate that threat.

The Original RG Emblems (2010)

1st Squad Ensignia


2nd Squad Ensignia



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