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Written by Commander   
Wednesday, 26 September 2012 00:00

RG (Reality Gaming) is an international ARMA Community made up of ex-forces and senior professionals. We are an 18+ mature tactical community with decades of experience conducting large scale operations and campaigns.

Our group has been playing the ARMA series since 2007 and have a structured mission building team dedicated to creating realistic senarios for our highly trained members. Our community uses military rank and allows you to qualify and earn specialist roles within our Task Force. We use a highly edited customised version of ARMA for all our missions development alongside scheduled training every week.




The Reality Gaming Network

Our community is designed to connect genuine adult gamers into an organised on-line Military Task force. We are an international gaming community with decades of experience creating simulations in a realistic way. Our team create custom scenarios supported by role play.

This combined with our first hand knowledge of military tactics and procedures, helps our team create and organise advanced large scale co-op campaigns and PvP battles.

We provide our service for those whom seek to do the same. We are always looking for new volunteers and dedicated members.


Our Community offers you:

  • The chance to chat with others on our Teamspeak (3) server.
  • Exchange game experiences on our forum.
  • Post new game video's within your own YouTube channel.
  • Play on our dedicated Servers and Participate in our gaming events.
  • The chance to gain experience and develop leadership skills.
  • Training in ACRE and ARMA weapons system.
  • First hand training from real soldiers.
  • Our spirit and friendship developed over several years.




Our Ethos:

To create a friendly mature gaming environment with community spirit. To experience detailed opetrations within simulations and to meet same minded individuals while having fun. We are a group of gamers that have families, full-time professional careers and other real life commitments. We are flexible and understand our members individual circumstances.

We hope to see you on the Battlefield.

Andrews - Head Admin




RG 2007


To APPLY Click on the following link - APPLY FOR REALITY GAMING

See you on the battlefield!

The Reality Gaming Staff
Reality Gaming (Making Games Reality)




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